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Виталий Парастюк

I, Vitaly Parastyuk - the representative of young generation of the Ukrainian artists. I was born in Ukraine, in the Kirovograd area in 1973, the Art education was received at is art-graphic faculty of the South Ukrainian pedagogical university of K.D.Ushinsky of Odessa, masterful I.Orosa. During study at university I with interest worked with various graphic technicians, preferring to an etching, studied classical bases of a printing drawing which have been put in pawn in creativity of masters of medieval, Renaissance classics and baroque, special influence has drawings of Durer, Rembrandt.

Now I work in the technician of an intaglio printing - etching С3 + С4 + С5 + С7, easel painting, a water colour. My works are in private collections and libraries of Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, the USA, Japan, Russia.

With 1997 I actively I represent Ukraine at the international exhibitions and the competitions of a drawing of small forms (ex-libris) organised by societies of the European collectors, libraries, museums. My name is brought in the international encyclopaedia of artists-schedules (Portugal, 2002).